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Will you gimme a little vote?

Ok, so I usually skip the voting on other sites that have annoying "VOTE FOR ME" pop-ups.  But since I won't force you to endure those annoying things, will you please vote for me for "Best Health Blog"?  Its not so much that I want to win, but I'd like to put my blog out there and find more people in common with those who read Consider also leaving a comment on the voting site if you decide to vote for me :)  THANK YOU!

Things I want to do (now that I have a working kidney!)

Things I keep saying I want to do:

  1. Eat more ice cream
  2. Drink more Starbucks
  3. Drink tomato and V8 juice
  4. Eat as many tomatoes and avocado chunks as I can stand
  5. Buy smoothies at the smoothie store !!!
  6. BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS - I've been eating at least one, every day!

The one thing I think I look forward to most is being able to travel or go places without the worry and hassle of setting up dialysis appointments at centers I'm not used to.  Now whenever Ken takes a last-minute 4 day trip to Vegas for work, I can go with!  I want to travel to:

  1. Ukraine to take Alek to see his biological family
  2. Paris, France to see the real Eiffel Tower
  3. New York City because I've never been there
  4. San Diego / Ramona, CA to visit my second "family"
  5. Antioch, CA to visit Liz
  6. Washington State for Ben's transplant
  7. Washington D.C. just 'cause (plus I love the city and history)
  8. Philly, PA Hello HISTORY
  9. Canada (anywhere would be great!)
  10. Take another cruise to wherever
  11. Island of Maui, Hawai'i to visit my BIL/SIL and nephew
  12. Las Vegas x infinity

Ok, so basically I want to travel A LOT to pretty much everywhere :)  I'm gonna leave it at that and say g'day.

Little Green Ribbons and Thank you's

OK, I'm eating my very last bit of anything for the next few days. I'm not supposed to eat anything after midnight (ok, so its 10 past and I'm eating a Popsicle but that hardly counts, right?) I think I'm almost ready, the only thing left is to pack a little bag, which will take less than 4 minutes since I don't really need a lot (oh, other than my laptop and camera)

...18 hours until my kidney transplant / Daily Photo

Only 18 hours until my kidney transplant - I'm nervous, but I'm still blogging!

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