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I took a cue from the comments on "I'm Not Contagious (You Are!)" and had a little fun with my on-board/in-flight face mask...

Just in case you can't quite read what it says (darn phone camera) I wrote "SMILE! Don't Worry - I'm not contagious (you are!)" with a pen I found in the bottom of my backpack.

No Matter How Hard I Try..

... I can't pass up free Wi-Fi at the Phoenix airport.

I'm Not Contagious (You Are)

Tomorrow we fly home to Florida (Boo!) I wonder how many 'looks' I'll get when I wear my face mask on the airplane? I'm more than 6 months post-transplant, but I ain't takin' any risks in a germ-infected airspace and a lower than average WBC count.

Hey, I'm not contagious, YOU are.

The Vaycay is Almost Over

My vacation is quickly coming to an end (we fly home on Saturday) even though I'd love to stay for another month (or year or 10...) This year, however, I don't need to balance my return trip with a crazy dialysis commitment!

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