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Updates being done on this website and my other websites

Blog Linkage - A favor, "por favor"?


Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Thank you to all my friends who already link to my Krississippi (dot) com blog.

Google Ads on this Site

I've recently updated the Google Ads on this website so they will include relative content for kidney patients. I hand picked almost all the ads so they would be helpful resources for you. The Google Ads are mainly in the sidebar on the sidebar's left-hand side. They also appear at the very top of the blog, right below the header and before the blog content.

Some of the links are for things like signing up for a free newsletter to a website that will customize and make available for purchase "guidebooks" (including diet and medication info) for just about any condition or problem (including ESRD!) you may be facing.

When you have time, please click on some of the Google Ads and at least take a look. FYI - I do get paid a very small referral fee if you actually decide to sign up or buy something from the sites, but mostly I'm trying to provide links to websites and products that I feel are good for the kidney community. If you have questions about the ads on this site, please see my Site / Disclosure Info page or contact email me!

Thanks & <<BIGHUGS>> to all!

Will you gimme a little vote?

Ok, so I usually skip the voting on other sites that have annoying "VOTE FOR ME" pop-ups.  But since I won't force you to endure those annoying things, will you please vote for me for "Best Health Blog"?  Its not so much that I want to win, but I'd like to put my blog out there and find more people in common with those who read Consider also leaving a comment on the voting site if you decide to vote for me :)  THANK YOU!

Little Green Ribbons and Thank you's

OK, I'm eating my very last bit of anything for the next few days. I'm not supposed to eat anything after midnight (ok, so its 10 past and I'm eating a Popsicle but that hardly counts, right?) I think I'm almost ready, the only thing left is to pack a little bag, which will take less than 4 minutes since I don't really need a lot (oh, other than my laptop and camera)

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