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Updates being done on this website and my other websites

Tidying Up

I finally got a moment to do some "tidying up" on the blog. I added a couple of Modules (points to the right, at the menu) so you can now read posts by category or from the Archive (by date).

Is anyone interested in Forums?

I'm still learning Drupal, and I admit to being frustrated at its differences (in useability) to WordPress; but all-in-all I think running Drupal will serve this site better (in the long-run) than WordPress. I still heart WP, though - see it on Krississippi.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who sent me a contact to say 'happy Thanksgiving'!

A bit of a program note...


Hey everyone - Due to excessive spam, I'm going to ask (beg, plead?) that you please register/login in order to comment. Its really easy (just follow the login/register link provided when you begin a comment) and then I'll know you're you and not a spam :)

Here I am!

Goodness, has it really been since the 15th of September that I've blogged here? Boy I need to change that trend and write more often!

Life has been busy - In-between all the usual stuff (parenting, traveling, blog-reading and a mishmash of general daily living) I've managed to get a few things done... around the house, but apparently not around the blog. I still need a Drupal expert to help out! Its coming down to the fact that I'm just not taking (making?) the time to learn what I need to in order to get the site back to its usual pretty self.



As you can see, is undergoing some major changes!

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