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Updates being done on this website and my other websites

Temporary Online - Sort of...

2008-04-22 @ 2030 EST

OK, here's the deal - My Kidney Blog is currently under maintenance. Why?

... because the site admin (that would be me) purchased a simple Drupal theme from that didn't function as advertised...

In order to resolve my dissatisfaction, I politely asked for a refund (they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee) and was referred to 'Paul' in tech support who would 'fix' my problem, therefore resulting in my not wanting my guaranteed satisfaction in the form of a refund.

Paul instructed me to do four simple little steps to set-up the theme properly:

1) Download the most recent version of Drupal (already using it);

2) Install the most recent version Drupal (see #1);

3) Move the purchased theme to my themes folder (CHECK);

4) Add a MySQL dump file (which he emailed me, supposedly directly from the theme's creator) to my database... (UH, CHECK... weird, but OK...)

The four simple steps resulted in a wipe of the entire database (!!!!!!)

Cron Job Test


Testing correct cron job function and I need at least 10 words so the post will post!

Testing 1-2-3

Just a little test of the Drupal Scheduler module.

Upcoming: 365 Days of Posts

I participated in NaBloPoMo 2007 and now I’m going for the ultimate blogging challenge from NaBloPoMo’s sister site, Blog 365: to blog every day in 2008 and to have at least 365 blog posts...

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