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Updates being done on this website and my other websites

My Kidney Blog is now on Twitter and My Kidney Blog (and it's new BLOGGERS!) are now on Twitter. Follow My Kidney on Twitter and get instant updates to the feeds and inside news on what's going on here!

Almost There...


After several tedious days of working on I'm happy to say that the site is just about ready for a re-launch.


My Kidney Blog is crawling back to life. I've finally had a chance to get a few things in order and reorganize the theme and sidebars.

I'm Away, Leave a Message

My Kidney Blog has been offline far longer than I ever anticipated for it to be. Even though a disaster of sorts has occurred here on this site, a bigger disaster has occurred in my personal life.

Aside from this site losing more than 6 weeks worth of blog posts, I've also lost all the user accounts and most of my custom settings (sidebars, etc.) I need to have time to work on the site and get it back up and running... it just can't happen at this very moment.

I'd gladly have given away my entire website and everything in it to have my lost friend back...

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