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There could be no better post than this one

This will be quick but I promise to catch everyone up on all the details of my transplant and hospital stay over the next few weeks. Trust me, I have a LOT to write about.

Yesterday and today I'VE BEEN FEELING GREAT. I honestly feel better than I think I have EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE (no kidding!) I can't describe it, there aren't words in my vocabulary to tell you how amazing my entire body feels. My only hope is that everything will continue on this path.

I am still in the hospital but am being discharged by mid-afternoon. We're just waiting on a couple of final labs and one more infusion of steroids. I am so so sooo lucky that I won't be going home with a steroid prescription, too. Trust me, I know the HELL of taking daily steroids and the havoc it renders on one's system.

The ONE AND ONLY COMPLAINT I have right now is the fact that the high-dose steroids (SoluoMedrol) I've gotten through my IV every day since my admission has left me physically exhausted (steroids make you wide awake and unable to sleep for more than about 4 hours in a 24 hour period) I'm looking forward to getting through this last dose and getting home to MY OWN BED for a hopefully good night of sleep.

I am drinking bottles of water and Starbucks Venti Iced Teas by the gallons and peeing like a racehorse. Unless you've had kidney failure you might not appreciate fully the amazingness of these two simple parts of life, but they are the highlights of my days. Seeing actual pee coming out of my body is exciting! My kidney function couldn't be any better - I went from a creatinine (pre-transplant) of 12 to an EXCEPTIONALLY PHENOMINAL level of .7 this morning. To put that into perspective, a normal range is .5 - 1.5 and even most transplant recipients don't reach a completely "normal" range for sometimes a few weeks or even a few months post-transplant. I'm also outputting approximately 750 ml of urine every 2 hours (thats about how much a healthy person might put out about three times a day) My transplant nurse coordinator has told me that not only have I done excellent, I've had an exceptionally excellent transplant and recovery. That made me feel really positive about the future for the First. Time. EVER.

Again, and I can't say this enough, thank you all, my friends, family, and extended internet/blogger family for all of your support through this experience. I couldn't have done it without every one of you.

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How I'm doing, so far

(back-posted, written on Thursday, June 14)

This experience has been harder than I thought it would be. The surgery, pain and so forth are manageable (pretty much like I expected) but the emotional side of things has been exhausting. I've had at least one major melt-down (yes, I've been channeling my inner two-year-old) every day. My personal thoughts on that is.... well, what do you expect when you stop me cold turkey on all my anti-anxiety and panic attack medications?! And then when I said "I REALLY NEED A XANAX NOW" that doesn't mean in 3 hours from now when the pharmacy sends it up, vs. 10 minutes if it were ordered STAT.

Yesterday started off great (I felt great, my spirts were up, the kidney is working exceptionally well) and then ended up horrible. Today has started off semi-horrible but I'm hoping for a happy ending (pun intended). About exactly one-half of the staff (nurses, doctors, techs and so on) are wonderful, kind and caring people. About exactly the other half are complete idiots, uncaring and mean. I realize this could totally be my perception of the situation right now, but since I'm the patient and I feel like crap, anyway, shouldn't my perception be the only one that counts?

Because of YOU I get to drink MORE STARBUCKS!

My kidney is doin' good keeping up with all the Starbucks I can drink!

Little Green Ribbons and Thank you's

OK, I'm eating my very last bit of anything for the next few days. I'm not supposed to eat anything after midnight (ok, so its 10 past and I'm eating a Popsicle but that hardly counts, right?) I think I'm almost ready, the only thing left is to pack a little bag, which will take less than 4 minutes since I don't really need a lot (oh, other than my laptop and camera)

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