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Donate Life T-Shirt/Logo (44 / 365)

First and foremost - Me, wearing my official "Donate Life" T-shirt and holding my rarely photographed Yorkie, Trixie. I thought it'd be nice to show off one of my other three dogs instead of always holding Hunny Bear, the Chihuahua. :P

Does your bumper l@@k like this?

(41 / 365) Its all about My NEW KIDNEY

Today's picture: My back end (of my truck, of course)

We now return you to our daily photo...

A Thanks to my Bro (38 of 365)

I'm finally back to being able to take a picture every day and post it here and on my blogs. The last two weeks have been wonderful, trying, tiring, painful, happy and HEALTHY all at once. My kidney transplant was 100% successful, I had an even better outcome than the doctors expected. For those of you in the know - my creatinine went from 12 to .7 in FOUR DAYS!!! I've had a lot of ups and downs that were a result of having surgery and being in the hospital, but NOT ONE THING WRONG with my new kidney itself. Its been functioning since before they even closed my abdomen in surgery.

Today's picture is for my brother Andrew, who donated his left kidney. As I'm sure you can understand, there really aren't words enough to express how I feel... but a simple 'thank you' will have to do. By the way, he's doing GREAT and flew home to Colorado this morning. My mother will be here through at least the 4th of July to help me out (I'm not allowed to drive and I'm still in some pain so getting around is possible, but slow)

Thanks for everyone's thoughts, prayers, emails, calls and notes - the all deserve a 'thank you', too!

I've uploaded all the pictures from my hospital stay, and will get them edited, titled and described in the next few days. Once that's complete I'll make them public so you can look at things like my funky scar and my PEE heheheheh
Everyone have a great weekend!

I have a who, what on my hoo-hoo?

Hey, gang, so I'm back home again.  Another 24 hours in the hospital and it seems I'm good to go.  It turned out all the pain I've been having (which was the main reason they admitted me - the pain could have been an indicator of problems with the new kidney) turns out it has nothing to do with last week's surgery, the new kidney or its function.  It seems that another (completely random and different) problem has been discovered.  Apparently, I have some fairly good-sized uterine fibroids stuck on (in? around?) muh baby-box.  Ha, God must think he's a real joker - if its not one thing with me, its another.  Soooo now I have a new problem to deal with.  My nephrologist and transplant RN wants me to see my OB/GYN by the end of next week.  *sigh*  I haven't yet had any time to research this new "thing" yet but supposidly if its causing pain they do surgery to take them out (off? away?)  The pressure from my new kidney (being in my abdomen) and the fact that I'm little (and my brother, who donated, is a big guy) is putting pressure on my baby-box and thus causing the pain.  So pretty much I probably wouldn't have known about the fibroids (which IMHO would've been just as well) if I hadn't had the transplant.

Anyhooo, They gave me some good painkillers and sent me home late this afternoon.  I guess I'll take it from here...

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