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Krissi Goes to Washington


This afternoon I leave for DC. My friend Alan says its "snowing sideways" and getting worse in the DC area. I guess I'll check my departing flight out of Tampa before I leave home to make sure its not delayed. I'm excited! --- EDIT --- I aced one of my exams this morning (100%!) and the other one I'm pretty certain I got an A (even though I was really worried about it...) I have two more to do online while I'm on my trip, but at least I did good on the ones I had today. I can't believe midterms just HAPPEN to be the same week I'm going on this trip :P

Going to D.C.


Getting excited about my trip to D.C. on Tuesday. I have midterms this week and next, though!!! I'm hoping to find some time in the evenings while I'm there to do my two online midterms. I also have a report to give and a written term paper due the following week. For some reaon I love having too much to do and not enough time :)

I'm going to Washington!


I called Janell and left a message and she called me back today - She confirmed that I have been chosen to be a DaVita Patient Citizen Speaker!!!! I'm sooo SOOO excited. I think there are a lot of things we can accomplish as a group and I'm honored to be able to be a part of it. Our first trip to Washington D.C. is March 8 - 11th. I will post more about my trip schedule later, but one of the things this trip will include is a dialysis session with members of Congress and the media present. How strange to have a Congressman/woman sitting next to me while my blood is sucked from my body and fed through a machine. I sure hope they aren't squeamish! This is such an awesome positive opportunity and I'm so looking forward to speaking on behalf of dialysis patients. I'll post more later on the two major topics we will be discussing so those of you who care can follow along with the legislative aspect of it.

An Email


Wow. Just. Wow!

Hi Krissi! I'm a former dialysis patient (5 years). I just saw your website and was SO SO SO impressed and grateful that it's out there. It's so rare that patients get to know about what their fellow patients are going through. Thanks for creating your site! I'm also the executive director of a new dialysis patient organization called DaVita Patient Citizens. You can find out more about us on our website, (which is seriously due for an update!). Membership in DPC is limited to pre-diaylsis patients, dialysis patients and their families. Our mission is to make life better for all dialysis patients thru education and advocacy. I think you'd be a fantastic addition to the organization. In fact, we are currently taking applications for DPC Speakers to speak on behalf of patients to federal and state politicians as well as to the media. I'm attaching an application form, and I encourage you to apply if you're interested. I'm sure you're very busy -- you could certainly determine for yourself how much time you could dedicate to DPC. We will be taking a select group of Speakers to Washington DC in March to meet with members of Congress. I would be thrilled if you applied to be a Speaker before we make the final determination of who is invited on that trip. Please call me if you have ANY questions: 866 *** ****. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Janelle L*****

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