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Check Me Out!

Here is the nationally telivised news piece that was done on me while I was on the DaVita Patient Citizens Washington DC trip a few weeks ago. For a much interviewing they did with me, and following me around all day long, most of what I had to say didn't make it into the bit. I'm a little disappointed by the fact that the point of our trip wasn't really adequately conveyed, but at least 2.5 million (yes, I said MILLION) viewers were able to see a little about dialysis and the issues we are trying to change.

Watch Krissi on the National News - DaVita Patient Citizen Washington DC Trip, March 2005

DPC Meeting - Ready to go to Capitol Hill!


The meetings are over and they went well. I got to meet the author of the book Chronically Happy and discovered she also runs - Such an amazing woman and truly an inspiration. She talked to us about how to talk with the Congressional members and what to expect. She also showed us a video from the 1950's that was a documentary from "life as a dialysis patient" during that time. It was amazing to see the differences. Patients used to diaylize 12 - 18 hours overnight several times a week!! Anyway...

I'm tired, but energized for tomorrow's Hill visits. Must get up early so off for some sleep!

Off to Meetings


I'm off to our first meeting with the DaVita Patient Citizens! Today we'll just be working together, tomorrow and Fri are the Capitol Hill visits. ... And another thing (completely unexpected) - my good friends from California, Liz, Ken and their 1-year-old daughter Morgan, are all here in DC on vacation! We're going to get together tonight for dinner. I haven't seen them in about 4 years, either.

Made it to Washington


The flight was very easy - about 2 hours non-stop. The landing was a big rough... the last 10 minutes of the flight were really wobbly. I say wobbly, instead of bummpy, because the plane was wobbling side-ways because of wind sheer. It was actually a bit scary. People on the plane clapped when we finally landed. picked me up at the airport, which is our usual tradition. I think every single time but maybe once when I've come to DC he's been there to retreive me. It was so good to see him... hard to believe its been 4 years since the last time I was here. The hotel is AMAZING. The hotel room I have is honestly the nicest room I've ever stayed in - including being nicer than the honeymoon suite I had with my ex husband and the Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. I'm very impressed. I got together briefly with some of the 'group', but not everyone had gotten in. Tomorrow will be the beginning of our meetings - first with the core group, and then on Thurs and Friday, with members of Congress. For now I'm tired, so I think I'll relax for a bit.

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