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H2O-hhh Noes!

I'm bad. I know I haven't been drinking enough water, lately, yet I haven't done anything about it.

H2O-hhh, noes!

Strange pain - gone?

I've had a very weird 'sometimes' dull, deep pain in my right-side for as long as I can remember. Long before my kidney transplant and my new kidney being on that side.

Now, it seems to be gone (the pain, not my kidney...)

Higher BP

I'm a little concerned about my higher than normal blood pressure. It's not terribly high (running 130/80 to 145/95) but it's a lot higher than it has been in recent months.

Hoo-hoo-ectomy Surgery Recall

My hysterectomy was a week ago today... wow, has it already been a week?

I have yet to see the actual surgeon's report, but here's my brief recall of the way things went (and what I know so far)...

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