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Looking ahead for the rest of the week

I'm so, soo tired, today. I'm getting that achy-all-over feeling that means I'd better slow down... or else. I don't see much 'slowing down' in my immediate future, though.

I still have a lot to look forward to this week...

Junk Food

Today has been a junk food day - I swear I'm eating everything I can find that is salty, sweet, fat-laden and not less than a bagillion calories.

Once in awhile can't hurt, can it?

Loooonnnnng day

The day has gone on and on... it's hard to remember that I was in Tampa at 7:30 AM this morning, bright and early for labs.

Thank you SO much!

Thank you, Andrew and Mona, for the wonderful surprise flowers you sent me. You must've remembered that tulips are my favorite *smile*

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