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Quick - Where's my CleanWell hand sanitizer?!

Ken started coughing night before last. By last night he looked miserable... today he slept until 3 PM.

Alek informed me after I picked him up from school today that he has a sore throat... "but I don't have a cold, Mommy, I'm fine".

Uh oh. Quick - Where's my CleanWell hand sanitizer?

My Six-Word Memoir

The Six-Word Memoirs website is going viral. And, really, why shouldn't it? It seems like an amazing idea to put one's own life-summary into six little words.

Here's mine:

Life is challenging. Love to live. can also see it on the Six-Word Memoirs website

Why not submit yours?

Tummy Ick

I really didn't think the change in medication doses would make much of a difference in how I feel. So much for that idea...

... I've been riding non-stop waves of nausea for three days. Not fun.

LifeLink, Today

Today's LifeLink clinic + doctor appointment went well. My numbers are 'acceptable' albeit not as great as I'd like.

But the doctors seem happy enough.

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