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Babies adopted from China may need kidney testing

Not often do two major parts of my life (international adoption and kidney disease) cross paths, but this news article out of Canada speaks to my heart (and kidney) in more than one way.

'DIY' kidney machine saves girl

A baby dying from kidney failure was saved when her doctor designed and built her a dialysis machine from scratch in his garage.

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One year... and counting!

Traveling post-transplant has been... interesting. I keep expecting there to be somewhere I'm supposed to be (dialysis) or something I'm supposed to be doing (watching my fluid intake).

The change in climate (from hot/humid to hot/desert) is interesting, too. I feel as if I'm having a really hard time keep hydrated, something I never anticipated having trouble with post-transplant. I keep reminding myself "DRINK MORE WATER!" but even that feels strange!

How I'm feeling

Hello blogger world. Yes, I realize I've been a bit absent from this blog for awhile, but I'm sure you'll forgive me, right?

Yesterday and today I've been feeling really achy. I'm wondering if I'm having another "fibro-flare"... I should count my lucky stars as I haven't really had one since Thanksgiving (all the other chronic pain from other stuff doesn't count..)

I'm working really hard on this site - half of the work is learning how to use Drupal to it's full advantage. I tend to reverse-engineer things which, of course, takes longer than just learning it before trying to apply it.

As of now - 2008/05/28 @ 2242 EST - I realize I need a break. Maybe I'll go watch some TV for once (instead of blogging/Twittering/site-building!)

P.S. If you're reading this from a feed, would you mind coming on over to take my little 10-second survey? I'm interested to know who reads my blog.

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