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One more weekend

Today has been an OK day, even though its a Sunday.  I feel bloated and ready for my dialysis treatment tomorrow morning.  I keep telling myself "just one more weekend" because by this time next week, I'll be less than 12 hours away from my transplant.  Time has really gone by quickly...

Tuesday 5/22/2007

20 days until my kidney transplant; 6 of 365, originally uploaded by Krississippi.

20 days until my kidney transplant!!! As of today I can say its "less than 3 weeks" until I get my new kidney.

Today I'm just lazing around, did a little housework and played with the dogs. Took a nap (woot!) and did some website stuff. I feel pretty good today and I've thus far only gained .7 kilos since yesterday's treatment.

Did I mention? I am going to be making a photo essay about what a hemodialysis treatment is all about. Last week I took my camera to my treatment and took lots of pictures. Now I just need to edit them and put them in order. I hope it will be helpful to someone who might be starting dialysis soon, but doesn't know what to expect. I wish there would've been something like that for me 4 years ago when my own kidney failure was fast approaching.

It's a Monday

21 days until my kidney transplant; 5 of 365, originally uploaded by Krississippi.

As promised, here's my daily picture. So far so good!

Yesterday was a horrible day. I'll spare you the details, but it kinda ended like this: Alek got on a plane (one week early) to his dad's house at 7 AM this morning and Ken left on a week-long work trip to Ohio at the same time. Neither trip was planned or known about until 5 PM, yesterday. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to my son for the summer, so all my emotions and so on were thrown for a good loop. Its a great thing that he had the opportunity to visit his dad earlier (and I'm thankful his dad wanted him to come early!) I was just unprepared for the feelings about him leaving. This summer doesn't feel like a "normal" summer - my surgery is three weeks away and all I can do is sit and panic... over... well, mostly nothing. But seeing BOTH my son AND Ken leave at the same time....

Today I'm at home, in an empty house, with a loss for what to do with myself. I haven't dealt well with sudden change in plans very productively, as of late. *sigh* but I'll survive.

Must. Think. Positively.

22 days until my kidney transplant

22 days until my kidney transplant; 4 of 365, originally uploaded by Krississippi.

Daily picture - Yes I wear pajamas all day on Sundays! :)

I'm feeling a little fluid-bloated today, and I'm coughing a bit (twinge of fluid in there). Right now my weight is 49.7 kilos, which is what I'd rather it be at 7 AM tomorrow. I'm guessing by the time tomorrow AM rolls around I'll be well over 50 kilos. Gah, I hate dialysis after weekends!


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