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Pills - Before and After

The first picture was taken in August 2006, a little over a year before my transplant. The second was taken three months post-kidney transplant. Both pictures represent the number of daily prescription medications I previously needed (prior to the transplant / on dialysis) and the medications I now take on a each day.

What a difference!!

Finding My New Non-Renal, REGULAR DIET & Changing My Attitude about All-Things-Food

This post is about the most difficult topic for me to talk about. My weight, my eating, my obsession with food/calories/weight. MY EATING DISORDER.

Today's Picture

My newest scar is 5" long. Just another to add to all the others on my right arm. The scars literally tell the story of my life over the last 4 years...

YES, please operate on THIS arm

YES, please operate on THIS arm (94 / 365), originally uploaded by Krississippi.

My fistula surgery went well. I was surprised by the amount of pain in my arm when I woke up. Its tolerable, though and already diminishing. I'll be fine in a day or two.

94th day of 365

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