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Too Soon

I had my pre-operative appointment this morning/early afternoon. Everything is starting to be too... real. I have that constant 'pit of my stomach sinking feeling' going on.

Friday is too Soon

My next surgery, my hoo-hoo-ectomy (hysterectomy & oophorectomy) is Friday. THIS Friday. I don't have time to get all the things done I want to do between then and now.


I took a cue from the comments on "I'm Not Contagious (You Are!)" and had a little fun with my on-board/in-flight face mask...

Just in case you can't quite read what it says (darn phone camera) I wrote "SMILE! Don't Worry - I'm not contagious (you are!)" with a pen I found in the bottom of my backpack.

Slightly Concerning (!)

Um. Slightly concerning... either I've: 1) gotten careless [possible], 2) lost my mind [entirely plausible], or 3) just taken a double-dose of my nightly pills.

Let's all vote for 1 or 2....

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