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One more weekend

Today has been an OK day, even though its a Sunday.  I feel bloated and ready for my dialysis treatment tomorrow morning.  I keep telling myself "just one more weekend" because by this time next week, I'll be less than 12 hours away from my transplant.  Time has really gone by quickly...

Still weighing in...

9 DAYS until my KIDNEY TRANSPLANT! / 17 of 365

This is how I start every day. I weigh myself to see how much fluid I've gained so I know how much I can drink today. I usually weigh myself every day several times to gage where my fluid gains are. Right now I'm +1.9 kilos from my dry weight, with about 36 hours left until my next treatment. As you can see, the scale says "49.4" kilos (108.9 pounds). My dry weight is 47.5 kilos (104.9 pounds) My scale is accurate to 2/10's of a kilo compared to the scale at dialysis.Weighing frequently is all part of a dialysis patient's (kidney failure) due diligence of staying healthy. I'm looking forward to not having to weigh myself every day after my transplant


Today’s Picture & Love Thursday

11 days until my kidney transplant / 15 of 365


Just so you know - I love you ALL! Thank you for your notes and emails of support - they mean so much to me. I know most of you won't be here to visit, but I will take your love, prayers and words of encouragement with me on this journey.

11 days until my kidney transplant…

12 days until my kidney transplant / 14 of 365

12 days until my kidney transplant / 14 of 365, originally uploaded by Krississippi.

Daily photo...

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