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Little Green Ribbons and Thank you's

OK, I'm eating my very last bit of anything for the next few days. I'm not supposed to eat anything after midnight (ok, so its 10 past and I'm eating a Popsicle but that hardly counts, right?) I think I'm almost ready, the only thing left is to pack a little bag, which will take less than 4 minutes since I don't really need a lot (oh, other than my laptop and camera)

...18 hours until my kidney transplant / Daily Photo

Only 18 hours until my kidney transplant - I'm nervous, but I'm still blogging!

Less than 3 days...

After an exceptionally stressful day (can you say 'completely unexpected out of town guests showing up unannounced'!? - I love them, though) for some reason my iTunes make me HAPPY.  I was laughing in this picture and singing at the top of my lungs (yes, off-key)  Life is wonderful. No, its AWESOME.

I love my life.  With or without working kidneys.  Less than 3 days until my kidney transplant! Yiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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