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Its almost been a month

Tomorrow will be one month that I've had my kidney. In celebration, I offer this mosaic of images from that first day. Notice how bloated I was right after surgery! (click on the image to see it in a larger format on my Flickr page)

Donate Life T-Shirt/Logo (44 / 365)

First and foremost - Me, wearing my official "Donate Life" T-shirt and holding my rarely photographed Yorkie, Trixie. I thought it'd be nice to show off one of my other three dogs instead of always holding Hunny Bear, the Chihuahua. :P

Does your bumper l@@k like this?

(41 / 365) Its all about My NEW KIDNEY

Today's picture: My back end (of my truck, of course)

Because of YOU I get to drink MORE STARBUCKS!

My kidney is doin' good keeping up with all the Starbucks I can drink!

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