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I got a CD of pictures in the mail today from my Washington D.C. trip with the DaVita Patient Citizens Organization. I thought this picture of me turned out pretty good (taken at the Georgetown DaVita Unit), considering I'm hooked up to a dialysis machine... Somehow I still managed to look half-way decent :) Maybe that's why some call it "Life-alysis" instead of Dialysis?

As Requested...

Here are some pictures of my fistula, behind a cut for those of you who get grossed out easily :)

Here's a picture of my fistula, as best I could take it using my left hand to hold the camera out in front of me. Its hard to see in this picture just how large the vein is in the crook of my elbow, but it can be viewed in better detail in the next picture.

This is as real as it gets, baby....

Here's a picture of my fistula...

Back in Action

I'm back! Everything went smoothly. I was bored in the hospital. The first two dialysis treatments went off without much of a hitch - the only minor problem being that my fistula is still a little underdeveloped and I bruised a lot on my arm. Here's a picture of me from my very first treatment on Tuesday (under a pile of blankets, as usual, because I'm always cold... even though I live in Florida!!)

Thanks to everyone who left well-wishes in my journal(s) and emailed me! I'll be posting a full-report a little later...

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