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What's a bored girl to do in the hopspital (and a camera phone...)

While I was in the hopsital I wasn't allowed to leave my room for awhile. After a time I got REALLY REALLY BORED. So bored, in fact, that I started taking very random pictures with my cell phone's camera. Here's the results of an empty room to myself at midnight with nothing better to do...

Peek-A-Boo Hello! Aren't I the cutest?

My lovely and very comfy bed.

Every room at Morton Plant has a direct phone line for the patients to use. Oh yeah, and this was my room # on Witt Two.

Standard issue hospital room television...

Flowers from my mother, brother and Ken. Boy I'm spoiled!

Notice I use the vomit tray to store my hairbrush in. At the time it seemed organized, now not so much...

Aren't my Micky Mouse jammies cute?

Drugs they'd given me earlier in the evening (nothing good, just antibiotics)

Another cool thing about Morton Plant - All the rooms have these white boards with the date and the names of your nurse and Patient Tech. The nurses and techs also carry cell phones so you can call the number and they can be reached directly - instead of pushing the annoying nurse button on the bed that at some hospitals gets ignored.

I was trying for some sort of artistic shot of the top of the curtain. I think I failed.

More interesting stuff I found laying around in my room.

I think you can figure out what this is. A phone, I tell you! Call home!

The bed controls on the side of my bed. Yes I was very bored and running out of things to take pictures of...

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours!

Fun Picure

Here's a fun picture of me being filmed at dialysis for the motivational video/documentary that is being made about my life as a dialysis patient. Don't I look like a celebrity?!?

Fun Picture

I'm Getting Married!!!


Ken asked me to be his wife on June 25th! I'm engaged! We are planning a wedding for sometime next fall (2006)...

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