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Post Hospital Stay & Fistula Revision Surgery Pics

Once again I was able to bribe a nurse (and both my doctors) to allow me to have a camera in the operating room. For this surgery I was completely under with "MAC anesthesia" (monitored anesthesia care) and unaware of what was happening during the procedure. I have pointed out a few interesting areas of my fistula for your complete understanding of the anatomy of my arm and what was done.


Getting checked in, of course, involves shoving all of my stuff into the plastic bag marked "personal belongings"...
... including my famous blue flip-flops!

Everything's A-OK and I'm ready to get things started!

Dr. Dewberry, my nephrologist, and me going over my admittance paperwork. He's such an awesome doctor to stop by and get everything straight for me before I go to surgery :)

"Before" picture of my arm. See notes.

Another "before" picture of my arm.

Me in the pre-op area. Bring on the good drugs!

I think I've had some of those 'good drugs' at this point. Hey, I'm still smiling right before surgery.

Why is it that all hallways leading to operating rooms look like they're in the dungeon basement of the hospital?

Cute guy/nurse/tech (?) in OR 1 where my surgery took place.

Preparing for surgery. By this time I don't remember anything so I was probably out or on my way out.


My awesome vascular surgeon, Dr. Haydon. Looks like he's already working hard and concentrating.

Beginning the surgery. The nurse to the right of Dr. H is his surgery nurse. I can't remember her name, but she is such a nice nurse both in the hospital and at his office.


Am I drooling... or snoring?!?! What a scary picture of me!

Measuring the graft material to cut the right size piece.

Graft inserted into what was the large bulging part of my fistula. The piece was fitted inside what was once the vessel. Notice you can see the two ends of graft where it is attached to the rest of the fistula.

Surgery complete and the incision closed with internal stitches.

Me, in the post-op area. I don't remember this picture, but obviously I was awake!

One of the post-op nurses. I don't remember much about her, either, just that she was nice and I got her to take a picture with me.

Ken and Alek visiting me in the evening after my surgery. Notice the mac and cheese for dinner - hey, comfort food is good for situations like this!

Maybe he'll be a doctor :)

Me and My Ken.

Tom (my ex-husband who was visiting), Me, Alek and Ken... its so nice to have visitors when you're in the hospital!

Dialysis at the hospital the next morning.

My favorite Morton Plant dialysis nurse. Seems like I've seen her a lot, lately...

Alek and Ken visited me again the next night. Alek brought me a stuffed animal that looks just like my real dog Trixie.

The sign above my bed reminding anyone who tried, not to stick needles in my fistula arm. WELL DOH!

A kiss for being brave!

My surgery took place on April 27th and as of now I'm doing great back at home. I still have some nerve pain in my right arm, but that will fade with time.

Goodbye to My Good Friend Steven C.

My friend Steven C. died on Saturday, April 8th. He finally gave in to kidney failure (as well as multiple organ and system failures) and is now at peace. I'm sad.

Happier Times - Steven C. and Me on Halloween 2005

Fistula Surgery Pictures

This post contains graphic pictures of a medical procedure called a "fistulagram". If you're uncomfortable with blood you'll want to skip this post...

My Puppydog!

Here's a picture of my favorite "nursedog" Sassy. She's my little shadow and "fluffy is the best medicine" cure :) Ain't she adorable!?

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