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Yes, it really does snow in Arizona (here's proof)

I love Flagstaff... and I hope you'll enjoy looking at a few of our vacation/holiday pictures :) If you're interested in the entire set, you can find it on Flickr HERE.


Thursday Dialysis - Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff Dialysis

My Thursday treatment didn't go much better than Tuesday. I showed up right on time, about 15 after 11, but still waited in the lobby until 12:30 before I went to sit down. Twice someone came out to say everything was almost ready and then something else would come up. I had a chance to meet and talk with another patient in the waiting room - she'd been there for two hours waiting for her regular treatment. I was also told that no one could find my paperwork, AGAIN, and that had I left a phone number with them on Tuesday they would've called me in to come in sooner - DOH! I left them my phone numbers on Tuesday... but they couldn't find them? Sheesh.

The treatment itself was not too bad, I was a little light-headed at the end. The elevation here kinda hits me hard (7,500 feet vs. sea-level @ home) and makes me short of breath. I was offered oxygen but didn't bother since I only had about fifteen minutes left by that point.

I guess my advice to anyone who travels on dialysis is to be able to remain calm when things don't go as planned. Also, plan extra time for everything (including waiting) since you will be the "new guy" and on the low-rung of priorities.

Two treatments left... Time to go play in the snow!

Dialysis Funny!


From the I Hate Website

You know you're a hemodialysis patient when...

Krissi @ Dialysis Washington DC trip 2005

You know you're a hemodialysis patient when...

1. The most important things in your life with dialysis are always capitalized - "the Chair", "the List", "the Labs", "the Doctor", "the Charge Nurse", "the Treatment" "the Machine"...

2. You understand why "the" is important to each item in #1.

3. Rationing fluids has become a science to you (well, almost!)

4. Most people don't understand why you only order a glass of ice or the smallest kid-sized drink when you go out to eat. They keep offering to get you another, bigger drink, even after you've said "no thank you" ten times.

5. You hate it when the waitress comes by and automatically refills your glass when you're not looking. It messes up your very scientific fluid-rationing process.

6. When you take "sips" from your significant other's drink you count them as "freebies" and never calculate them into your precise scientific fluid calculation.

7. Weekends are the worst - but you always manage to do just fine with your fluid gains... until the last night, and then somehow you manage to gain 2 kilos in the 8 hours before your Monday AM treatment (how DOES that happen?!)

8. The "freezy stuff" at dialysis is your BEST FRIEND.

9. The clock on the wall is your SECOND BEST FRIEND.

10. Since we're listing friends, Benadryl is your THIRD BEST FRIEND.

11. You got over your fear of needles a long time ago. Now you laugh at other people who use the itty-bitty teeny-tiny needles during a routine blood draw.

12. How the dialysis center can be so ice cold when the weather outside is 100 degrees is still a mystery that will never be solved (but you've invested heavily in socks, blankets and even gloves to combat the arctic temperatures).

13. You carry a large beach bag or small suitcase to treatment, and it resembles an adult version of a "diaper bag" because it has one of everything you might possibly need.

14. Television remotes are a prized commodity at dialysis (so are the extra pillows.)

15. You've had to learn the hard way that making good friends with other dialysis patients means it hurts more when they pass away. Still, you wouldn't change anything about your friends because they understand you like no other.

16. You invent new ways to bring your blood pressure up at the end of your treatment - like running in place and doing jumping-jacks.

17. You've gotten very good (and surprisingly comfortable with) throwing up in front of 25-40 other people. At one time you were afraid of throwing up in your own bathroom, now you hurl like a pro.

18. You find it ironic that the pan the Nurse gives you to throw up in is shaped like a KIDNEY.

19. You have a love/hate relationship with health insurance. Mostly it’s a hate relationship.

20. Without your favorite Nurse, Tech and Doctor, living on dialysis would be near-impossible... but with their help, and the positive attitude you've found within yourself, its all worth it - life is still worth living.

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