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22 days until my kidney transplant

22 days until my kidney transplant; 4 of 365, originally uploaded by Krississippi.

My son took this picture of me while I was standing on our back porch letting the dogs out. Obviously I had just taken my morning shower :P

Love Thursday 5-3-2007

Andrew and Mona, originally uploaded by Krississippi.

My brother Andrew, and his beautiful wife, Mona

Andrew is my HERO because on June 11, 2007 he will give me one of his kidneys, and hopefully end my 3.5 years on dialysis/kidney failure. Without BOTH Andrew and Mona, I wouldn't have this chance so soon. Andrew is my hero, but Mona is his, because she's supported him with this decision the entire journey.

'Thank you' isn't enough...

Counting down the days...

My brother will be here in a few weeks to complete his evaluation at LifeLink.  My mom is coming with him for a visit.  They'll be here about a week :)  It looks like by the beginning of May we will be able to schedule the transplant.  I wonder how quickly it'll happen?  Weeks or months after he passes his evaluation?  I'm hoping for sooner than later.  On that note, here's a picture of me and my little brother (and my dad) - everyone say 'Awwww'!


March 8, 2007 is World Kidney Day

Most of us would know if we were missing half our money or half our friends. But millions of Americans don’t know that they are missing half of their kidney function. There are 3 simple tests that can tell the whole story, not just the half of it. Make March 8, World Kidney Day, the day you get the whole picture...more...

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