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MyKidney Welcomes NaBloPoMo 2007

Welcome, My Kidney Blog Readers, to NaBloPoMo! NaBloPoMo 2007 is National Blog Posting Month and a twist on the marathon that inspired it: National Novel Writing Month. Essentially, its an excuse for me to flood your RSS reader with posts on every single day of the week, instead of just when I feel like it.

What would you like to read about? What topics shall I discuss? I'll take suggestions - otherwise you're stuck reading what I choose to write about :)

If you're writing a blog, please let me extend the invitation to join the NaPoBloMo website (its free!) And, if you do, let me know what your blog's URL or feed is, so I can keep up with you, too.

Today's Kidney Education: Did you know that according to WebMD, 68 Americans receive life-saving transplants every day, but another 18 die while on the waiting list? Now, watch the WebMD video "Less Invasive Surgery Makes Kidney Donation Easier".

It's a bouncing baby... KIDNEY!

If you've been keeping up with my hoo-hoo posts, maybe you'll be happy to know that I've decided to move all topics relating to my hoo-hoo over to my Krississippi (dot) com blog. It seems to be a little more appropriate to spare my readers here from reading about "MyHoo-Hoo" which really has nothing to do with "MyKidney"!

'Normal' means NORMAL!? Really?

It started with the "normal" diet thing:

So, what you mean, Mr. Doctor, when you say I can "eat normally" is that I can eat what, exactly? Exactly how does someone who has been on one renal diet (first low protein pre-ESRD, and then high protein during ESRD) or another for more than half her life eat normally?!

Is there a list of foods I can have?

What? I can eat what I want? Is there someone who can tell me what I want... 'cause someone's been telling me what I wanted to eat for the last 15 years. Is there a list, possibly? WHERE IS MY DIETITIAN WHEN I NEED HER!

Here I am!

Goodness, has it really been since the 15th of September that I've blogged here? Boy I need to change that trend and write more often!

Life has been busy - In-between all the usual stuff (parenting, traveling, blog-reading and a mishmash of general daily living) I've managed to get a few things done... around the house, but apparently not around the blog. I still need a Drupal expert to help out! Its coming down to the fact that I'm just not taking (making?) the time to learn what I need to in order to get the site back to its usual pretty self.

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