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My Six-Word Memoir

The Six-Word Memoirs website is going viral. And, really, why shouldn't it? It seems like an amazing idea to put one's own life-summary into six little words.

Here's mine:

Life is challenging. Love to live. can also see it on the Six-Word Memoirs website

Why not submit yours?


I took a cue from the comments on "I'm Not Contagious (You Are!)" and had a little fun with my on-board/in-flight face mask...

Just in case you can't quite read what it says (darn phone camera) I wrote "SMILE! Don't Worry - I'm not contagious (you are!)" with a pen I found in the bottom of my backpack.

What I got in Exchange for a Scar

I read The Story on BlogHer and then started thinking about my own scars.

The ones you can see and the ones you can't. The scars you can't see are probably more important, but I like talking about them even less than I like admitting I have physical scars. I suppose that's another post I'll save for another day...

The Miraculous appearance of Ron Jeremy in the MRI image of my hoo-hoo

I'm the person who can find humor in every situation, even in the most dire "you might have cancer in your hoo-hoo" situation.

Upon reviewing my own MRI (taken to help diagnose my ongoing hoo-hoo problems) I discovered something funny, or rather, I saw someone funny.

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