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LifeLink Appointment Tomorrow AM

Tomorrow morning (insanely early, BTW!) is my 6-month post-transplant appointment at LifeLink. I haven't been there since September as I'm now under my "regular" nephrologist's care. I've been doing outstanding in the kidney department - with labs to prove it!

I need to remember to ask my transplant nephrologist about a few things:

1. I'm a little concerned about my on-going low serum calcium level, especially with my upcoming surgery in January and the effect it will have on my calcium level, too.

2. I also need to ask about the medications the newest GYN prescribed on Monday (should I take them or not?) My notion is 'no' I shouldn't be taking them.

3. Need to get the 'final approval' for the surgery - as in, should they do it now or later (as in 6 months from now). If you have no idea what I'm talking about (what? more surgery?) FYI I have to have a hysterectomy, and most likely an oophorectomy, on January 11, 2008. (Go back and read any posts with the word 'hoo-hoo' in it and you'll catch up...)

4. Find out if its really necessary for me to be on a 3/3 Prograf dose - I'm experiencing a LOT of side-effects.

5. Suggestions for my insomnia.

I think that about covers it. Thank goodness LifeLink (and the staff/doctors/nurses) has always made me feel comfortable and well cared-for. Otherwise I might be anxious about tomorrow's appointment.

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Kidney!

Six months ago today I'd barely been out of surgery for a few hours - with a new, functioning kidney. Six months! It seems as though in many ways the time has flow by, but the at the same time I've never missed a moment enjoying the benefit of having a working kidney. Would you believe that I think about it at least 139417402938 times a day? Especially when I pee? *grin*

Someone asked me, recently, if I'd "named" my new kidney. No, I haven't "named" it - In fact, I still refer to it as 'my brother's kidney' or sometimes 'my new kidney'. In honor of the sacrifices my brother made to give me this gift, I don't want to forget or cheapen the experience by using a silly nick-name. Because he gave it to me, it doesn't seem to make sense to "name" it anything other than 'Andrew's Kidney'.

In the meantime, happy 6-month birthday, Kidney!


For as much as I lay around, one would think I don't need sleep. Wrong. I lay around trying to sleep, but the actual 'sleeping' part of that isn't really happening. I really hate to drug myself into oblivious unconsciousness, mainly because I keep telling myself "it's not normal" to do it. So, as a reward for my stubbornness, about every-other-night I get next to no sleep. Like last night.

Note to self: Remember to ask Transplant Doctor next week if there is anything that can be done, short of the pharmaceutical remedy.


12/15/07: Insomnia, continued...

I need some new threads

One of the frustrating aspects of my life right now is that a lot of my clothes still don't fit quite right. I didn't realize (and really, if you would've told me I wouldn't have believed it) that sticking a kidney in my abdomen would mean a change in my pants size. The fact that my sizing has changed is personal cause for anxiety, anyway, but the fact that I'm still so bloated almost 6 months later is just... uncomfortable.

I've gained some weight since June (which I'm trying to accept... because, really? I was underweight before and I'm still not even "average") but the other reason I'm feeling bloated around my middle has a lot to do with my hoo-hoo issues. Those two things, plus the fact that I have a giant scar traversing my lower right-side, across the waistline of my jeans, make it uncomfortable to wear... well, just about everything.

I refuse to buy new clothes because I'm still holding onto the hope that I will eventually be back to the size I was pre-transplant. In the meantime, I seem to be always wearing the same pair of jeans (the ones I used to call my "fat" jeans for Monday dialysis treatments when I was especially bloated) and the same tired jammie pants around the house. I'm a sexy beast!

... but what I wouldn't do, right about now, for a pair of nice-fitting jeans that didn't cut off circulation to my lower extremities! LOL

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