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Donate Life AZ License Plate

While we vacationed in Arizona over the holidays, I happened to see a vehicle in a parking lot that had the actual Donate Life official symbol on the license plate!

Happy 7 Months Knowin' Ya, Kidney!

Me and you, Kidney, have been through 7 beautiful months together. We're doing good, we're stayin' strong and boy, we're making a whole lot of pee!

But I have a little bit of scary news, Kidney: Today you and I will be going through another surgery together. This time its not you, its me. And during the next few days I just have one request for you...

Upcoming: 365 Days of Posts

I participated in NaBloPoMo 2007 and now I’m going for the ultimate blogging challenge from NaBloPoMo’s sister site, Blog 365: to blog every day in 2008 and to have at least 365 blog posts...

Insomnia, continued...

My insomnia has only gotten worse. In the past I've tried Klonopin, Sonata, Lunesta, Ambien CR and varying amounts of Trazodone (25-100mgs). I've had a prescription for regular Ambien (and Trazodone) for ages, but it just doesn't work anymore.

Nothing is working. If I manage to fall asleep, its hardly ever before 2 am, and then I wake up around 6 am every morning. I'm awake (out of bed) for about an hour (making sure my son gets ready for school) and then I try to go back to sleep. From 7 am until 11 am (at the latest) I lie in bed, tossing and turning, trying to will myself back to sleep. Then, I finally just give up and get out of bed.

I feel exhausted and none of my doctors have a good suggestion - its just "try this one" and then I get a handful of sample pills and/or a prescription.

When I was at my LifeLink appointment on Thursday I asked the transplant nephrologist what he recommended - he seemed annoyed that I was even asking. He told me to ask one of my 'regular' doctors (uh... WHAT?!) My 'regular' nephrologist is always the most helpful (and the doctor I trust the most) so I'll have to beg for some new approach to try when I see him on Monday.

In the meantime... Does anyone have some suggestions for 'natural' remedies?! Yes, I've already tried tea, warm milk, a warm bath, no daytime naps and getting more exercise. What's left?

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