'Normal' means NORMAL!? Really?

It started with the "normal" diet thing:

So, what you mean, Mr. Doctor, when you say I can "eat normally" is that I can eat what, exactly? Exactly how does someone who has been on one renal diet (first low protein pre-ESRD, and then high protein during ESRD) or another for more than half her life eat normally?!

Is there a list of foods I can have?

What? I can eat what I want? Is there someone who can tell me what I want... 'cause someone's been telling me what I wanted to eat for the last 15 years. Is there a list, possibly? WHERE IS MY DIETITIAN WHEN I NEED HER!

I still struggle with the "normal" aspect of my newly found health, and Falling into Healthy Eating isn't as easy as it might seem (NOTE: I'm totally going to be making that recipe as it contains three main ingredients that I've not been "allowed" to eat for a very VERY long time!!!) Doing things 'normally' was the last thing I thought I'd be worried about! Truly, I have no idea what 'normal' is - but, right now I'm thinking my daily "normal" is probably not... i.e. eating Campbell's Select Healthy Request Savory Chicken and Long Grain Rice Soup every night (with crushed up Classic Fritos Corn Chips Mmmm) and a Starbucks Espresso Frappuccino with EXTRA WHIPPED CREAM every day - the Starbucks addiction is the worst, no?

And I'm normal in other ways? How can this be? I've never been 'normal' so maybe I'm just having an abnormal moment when you just think I'm normal. Yes, surely that must be it.

I keep wondering how long this 'normal' stuff will last. I sure hope it lasts a long time, although it does take some getting used to. Not living my life around medications, doctors appointments, dialysis treatments and daily exhaustion is strange. What should I be doing with all my time? What do NORMAL PEOPLE do with all their time?

I'm still trying to figure out 'normal'... which seems to be the most 'normal' thing I've done all day.