WTF?! 12 Hours Later...

Almost exactly 12 hours after the last post I wrote, I was admitted to Tampa General Hospital, again. I will be here for an indefinite amount of time until they figure out what's causing my severe leukopenia.

l felt fine (more like great!) over the weekend and had a wonderful day with Alek on Monday (the day before he started 2nd grade). Tuesday morning @ 6 AM I woke up with chills, severe body aches/pains and a fever. I managed to "fake it" for he's sake until after I got him to school. As soon as I got back home I crawled into bed and couldn't get rid of the chills. Ken went to work and I finally called LifeLink when my temp read 100.8. They said to come directly to Tampa to the clinic and "bring a bag in case we need to admit you" (which I didn't really take too seriously, but I stuffed a day's worth of things into a bag, anway.) I drove myself to LifeLink

My LifeLink STAT CBC (complete blood count) labs showed another drop in my WBC count - down from 0.9 Friday to 0.5. NOT GOOD.

As the sad and sorted story goes. Here I am, still at Tampa General. I don't know for how long. I'm hoping I'll get out before the end of the weekend.

I've felt like death-warmed-over pretty much the whole time I've been here. The biggest issue (besides the non-stop watery poop?) is the major MARJOR bone pain I've been having in my hips, pelvis, legs and joints. They tell me one of the medications I'm getting to stimulate my body into making WBCs is most likely the cause of the pain. Its like nothing I've ever experienced - Have you ever had sharp throbbing pain from your hips, back and tailbone that radiates down your femur and into your knees and ankles? Well, that's how this feels.

Probably the biggest CLINICAL issue is the fact that I'm still running a fever (99.9 at the most recent check) no one can figure out where the infection in my body is and/or the virus that is causing all this. I'm on broad-spectrum third-tier antibiotics (fun stuff like Vancomycin, that I'm slightly allergic to) The drugs make me feel worse and to make it even more fun, now I have C-Diff again (had it last year in the spring). I've been poked, prodde, ultra-sounded, x-rayed, peed in a cup pooped in a cup, put in reverse iscolation (i.e. I'm isolated for my own protection since right about now I have NO immune sysgtem) and just about all the other tests you can think of.

At least I'm with a great hospital staff and a fantastic group of deoctors and nurses go help me out. I've been treated very well.

Not to cut this short, but my nurse just came and gave me a whole bunch of painkiller and I'm going to be switching over into my "stupid mode" for the next couple of hours.... which means I can't be held responsible if this post look discusting wwith bad grammar or sppleing or typos like the ones I see, but Im not going to chancebecause you get the picture better that way.

Email me if you want details.

Hang in there, old lady! ;)

We'll be keeping you in our prayers, Krissi!

Fight the good fight, Krissi! Our thoughts are with you!

Ugh, feel better soon lady!


We are saying alot of prayers for you. Hope for a speedy recovery.


Let me know if you need anything, hun. Hope everything gets better for you soon. My sis (meg, you met her at the shower) works all weekend up on 7C so if the nurses start going wonky over the weekend I dunno if she can do anything to help ya. You are in our thoughts.


I'm so sorry this is happening to you. You've been through so much. This couldn't be anything to do with mrsa, could it?

Hang in there hun - you are in my prayers.

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