I'm either crazy, or Wonder Woman

After about a month from my transplant, and now after almost two, it feels like I have this crazy amount of energy that I never expected. NEVER. I'm either going crazy from the meds, or could it be, I actually feel great!?

I still get tired and achy if I push myself physically too much, but otherwise.... I'm like, SUPER MOM or SUPER WOMAN!


  1. I decided to do our laundry and stayed up until 5 am a few nights ago and did ALL OF IT (even the towels and sheets and misc stuff that usually sits there for months) and FOLDED/HUNG UP ALL OF IT and was still wide awake enough to clean the living room.
  2. If you've been following my Flickr Pics you've noticed that I've completely cleaned, (before / after) reorganized, and redecorated my side of the computer room (not counting Ken's stuff) - in one afternoon.
  3. I completely redecorated our bedroom, with actual pictures on the wall, matching accessories and even some flower arrangements!
  4. The dishes get put in the dishwasher and taken out ASAP instead of sitting in the sink or on the counter.
  5. We set an actual wedding date (December 2008), started organizing and picked out a dress. (Ken, you'd better not click on that link!)
  6. I watched the entire season one of Dexter, and never fell asleep once.
  7. And so on, and so forth.

I don't take naps every day, in fact I don't sleep all day, either. I've been getting up at 6:30 AM when my son comes from his dad's house (his dad goes to work very early in the morning) making him breakfast and then usually staying up (although this morning I went back to bed until 9:30). When my son is actually home (since its still the summer, its still time for his dad to have him 100% of the time... but since my ex just moved here, we're splitting the time around his work schedule, and until school starts) I actually spend time with him doing stuff. DOING STUFF WITH MY KID is the reason why I wanted this transplant.

Life is awesome. Every. Single. Day.

Update ---- I just cleaned the cleaning supplies. I think I am going crazy...

December weddings are the BEST! And that dress is to die for. *smidgen jealous* But only a smidgen!

I love that dress. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It was the only one I tried on (well, this time, I mean... I've tried on dozens in the past)

After we set our date, we found out Ken's best friend Elaine got engaged and is getting married 2 weeks after us!

voi abbia bello atmosfera !..
Io alberini della sega dove uomo bisogno legga circa corsi genova .
Osservatorio economia offerta generali stati serali.
Ma Noi gradirebbe studio sano luoghi circa corsi professionali.
Presupponga, cercato non buon :(

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