Will you gimme a little vote?

Ok, so I usually skip the voting on other sites that have annoying "VOTE FOR ME" pop-ups.  But since I won't force you to endure those annoying things, will you please vote for me for "Best Health Blog"?  Its not so much that I want to win, but I'd like to put my blog out there and find more people in common with those who read MyKidney.com. Consider also leaving a comment on the voting site if you decide to vote for me :)  THANK YOU!

My site was nominated for Best Health Blog!

Hottest Mommy Blogger? Don't you need to post nekkid pictures for that? ;)

Heh. I guess they don't have a category just for "mommy blogger" but, yeah, don't you think I'm a hottie, anyway?

Of course I do! That's why I voted for ya ;)

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