Transplant Pictures

I FINALLY got around to getting all the transplant pictures organized on Flickr.  If you're interested, you can look at the group "Transplant" Per my brother's request there aren't any post-op pictures of him - but before you ask, Yes, he's doing great, too!

A Good Day - With My Ken (day 4 post-op)

BTW - Happy one-month anniversary of "Kidney Day" (as my son calls it) to my brother, Andrew, and happy 28th birthday, too!!

Hey ma' this is Cynthia from lifelink. I like the website. You did a realy good job on it. I just wanted to stop by and say Hello even though i'll be seeing you here in a few days. Take care and see you later.

Hey there Cynthia! Thanks for stopping by the blog :) See you on Friday!

You did and excellent job of taking me thru the transplant procedure. I now have a good idea of what my son will be enduring. You look great and so glad your brother is doing good to!

I'm glad you found the photos helpful :) I wish I could've had some taken during the actual procedure but the doc was like "um, NO"...

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