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First and foremost - Me, wearing my official "Donate Life" T-shirt and holding my rarely photographed Yorkie, Trixie. I thought it'd be nice to show off one of my other three dogs instead of always holding Hunny Bear, the Chihuahua. :P

OK HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART - PLEASE READ!: Last night I was working on my new domain for my existing website about my 'normal' (non-medically related) life. I was Googling for some new WordPress plugins and randomly came across THE VERY FIRST THING I SAW was the blatant defiling of the copyrighted and registered "Donate Life" logo! Here's the largest example ( of the site's logo and I think we can all clearly see the problem.

My initial reaction was anger:, having used the copyrighted image for a completely different purpose, ESPECIALLY in the so very necessary effort to create more organ donation awareness, is just downright, well, idiocy. I mean, really? This guy obviously has either never been to the 'Donate Life' website (nor read the very specific legal particulars about copyrighted/registered/trademarked images and content) or had anyone in his family/friends who needed a life-saving transplant.

After I regained my composure and stopped screaming at my monitor (while Ken looked on, completely confused) I wrote some emails - to the website's owner, to the abuse team on the site's web server and to the 'Donate Life' legal team. I was as respectful as possible - here's the email I sent to the site owner:

"To whom it may concern:

As I'm certain you are aware, you have violated the copyright of the very well-known 'Donate Life' logo.

As a long time chronic kidney disease and kidney failure hemodialysis patient, who very recently (not quite 3 weeks ago) received a kidney transplant, I am overwhelmingly upset by your blatant use of the recreated "donate code" images.

As a fellow blogger and WordPress enthusiast I would like to respectfully ask you to remove the images from your website. I found the images by pure accident after searching for a WordPress plug-in authored by you. Of course at this juncture I won't be using your plugin, which I realize is probably no matter or consequence to you.

The abuse of the "Donate Life" logo is appalling and certainly does more damage to the organ donation awareness cause than you realize. It is also very apparent that neither you nor anyone in your circle of family and friends has ever had to deal with a chronic and life-threatening condition that requires the generosity of others and their families to give the gift of life. This insensitivity (especially with a copyrighted logo!) to organ donors and their families is wrong. I do not condone you for your use of the catch-phase "donate code," but for the use of the logo you have stolen.

Further, I have reported this abuse to both your ISP, host service and Donate Life America. I sincerely hope you consider changing your logo - not because some random person on the net complained about it, but because it should be the "right thing to do"

Krissi Bates"

Fellow bloggers, Flicker Friends and internet surfers: If you feel as I do, I encourage you to write a contact email ( to the site's owner (please be respectful and nice, otherwise it just makes you look like a bully!) and let him/her know how you feel.

On a side note: At least his website domain truly does describe the actions this person has chosen. LOL

Nice site! Best wishes from NY.C

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