Little Green Ribbons and Thank you's

OK, I'm eating my very last bit of anything for the next few days. I'm not supposed to eat anything after midnight (ok, so its 10 past and I'm eating a Popsicle but that hardly counts, right?) I think I'm almost ready, the only thing left is to pack a little bag, which will take less than 4 minutes since I don't really need a lot (oh, other than my laptop and camera)

Pictured here: I wrote notes to Ken, Mona (my brother's wife,) my parents and my dialysis nurse Brenda (she's coming to the hospital with me). In the wrapped package is a present I made for my brother - its a double picture frame with a framed copy of the picture of us (shown to the left) and an extra special thank you greeting in the frame below it. Suck on the wrapping is a special "post-it-note" that reads "TO ANDREW... I OWE YOU BIG TIME! LOVE YOUR SISTER" I hope he likes it. I'm going to give everyone these cards when we get to the hospital in the morning.

If you're wondering about the green ribbons taped on the envelops - Another symbol associated with organ and tissue donation is the green ribbon pin. Displayed or worn to raise awareness of the growing need for organ and tissue donation, the green ribbon is a symbol of hope to those awaiting a second change through transplantation; of remembrance for those who died waiting for a transplant; and of gratitude for the heroes of donation, those individuals who shared the "Gift of Life." I made these little green ribbons for my family to wear tomorrow if they want to.

IF YOU'D LIKE A LITTLE GREEN RIBBON TO WEAR TO HELP REMEMBER THE 'DONATE LIFE' CAMPAIGN - send me a contact or comment on my My Kidney Blog with your name and address and I will send you one when I'm home from the hospital and recovering.  Its the least I can do to say 'thank you' to all of you in the blogosphere for your kind notes of support.

I would love a green ribbon! My address has changed though, so I will send you an email with my new physical address. =)

I hope everything goes smoothly and you recover quickly from the surgery! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers all day, and in the subsequent days after the surgery!

I will be praying for you and your brother. Will look forward to reading your post post-op!
God Speed,
Lori/Indiana mom to Dustin ESRF

OK. You totally had me teared up on this post. So sweet of you.

I love the green ribbon concept *hugs*

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