Daily Picture + Love Thursday 6/7/07

Spending the day at Tampa General for a pre-op appointment = $0.00

Discovering the Starbucks @ the hospital (and celebrating w/ my fav drink!) = $2.09

Having my brother give me his kidney = PRICELESS

That's about going to make me cry. In a good way. Especially the ending:

"Having my brother give me his kidney = PRICELESS"

Yeah, I'd say. I'd give up Starbucks for a long time to give you that. Wow. Just wow. Give your brother an extra hug from me. Then have him give you an extra hug from me.

And huge prayers for both of you in 4 days. No more dialysis, my friend. :)


Wow...I cannot believe it's only 4 days away! Amazing...how time flies! You are still in my prayers everyday Krissi! You are special Krissi and God has a plan FOR YOU! :)

Thanks for keeping me up to date!

So close, I can't believe how time has flown by. This will be so great to get over with & done - then you can stop worrying about it and go on to live your long & happy life! :)

Hey Krissi

You are so very brave, thank you for your daily updates.

With everything going on in you life you still find the time to keep us informed and share your thoughts on your operation. I hope you got my email about my op with my mum - your diary gives me so much strength and encouragement. Bless you.

Lou x

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