Coast to Coast AM - My Guilty Pleasure

Today has been all about guilty pleasures - long naps, too many Mt. Dews and listening to last night's Coast to Coast AM program. My brother got me hooked on C2C (he listens to it when he sleeps) and I love it so much I am the ultimate geek with a podcast (Streamlink) subscription! This is the same brother (only brother!) who is giving me one of his kidneys - if there's any such thing as "cellular memory" I'm fairly prepared for this kidney... although my bro warns me I still need to stock up on M*A*S*H DVDs and beer (his guilty pleasures) in case his kidney remembers :)

My brother and SIL fly in tomorrow afternoon. All day tomorrow (starting at 8 AM) I have my pre-op appointments at LifeLink and Tampa General. We are getting very, very close...

I totally second the whole M*A*S*H* idea. As for the beer, splurge for Canadian beer, ignore the American beer.

Ryan loves that C2C too!

M*A*S*H is one the best shows ever in my opinion! Also, I love the pic ... truly one the best I've seen of you so far. It really captures your geeky side. =)

Hope your procedure went well Krissi, and that you are recovering comfortably too! I found your blog while looking up C2C and had to write.

btw, I am a C2C geek with a Streamlink subscription too. Love every minute (well, almost).

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