Today's Picture = SMILES

One thing I've discovered about doing this little daily photo project on Flickr is that random strangers never hesitate to give out compliments. On almost all of my daily pictures (either on Flickr or one of my blogs) I've had someone give me a compliment on my smile or my hair. On that note, today's "theme" is my hair + my smile. I have my daddy to thank for my think hair and my mommy to thank for my smile... and the hairdresser to thank for the highlights and recent trim :)

I should point out that I also have BOTH of my parents to thank for the attitude they instilled in me which has become my personal motto: "You make your own happiness" My positive attitude has always kept me in line, even during the toughest times of my life. I'm lucky that I always have something to smile about...

By this time next week I will have had a new kidney for more than 24 hours! Exciting!

Your motto is a GREAT one! I believe it 100% and am reminded of it every time I read your site.

I had to send you my well wishes and prayers before your big day just a week away!

Blessings to you.

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