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9 DAYS until my KIDNEY TRANSPLANT! / 17 of 365

This is how I start every day. I weigh myself to see how much fluid I've gained so I know how much I can drink today. I usually weigh myself every day several times to gage where my fluid gains are. Right now I'm +1.9 kilos from my dry weight, with about 36 hours left until my next treatment. As you can see, the scale says "49.4" kilos (108.9 pounds). My dry weight is 47.5 kilos (104.9 pounds) My scale is accurate to 2/10's of a kilo compared to the scale at dialysis.Weighing frequently is all part of a dialysis patient's (kidney failure) due diligence of staying healthy. I'm looking forward to not having to weigh myself every day after my transplant


Um...actually, I still weigh myself everyday...not for water restriction of course. After transplant, you can drink all the water you want! But just to make sure that there isn't a problem (a large sudden weight gain may mean rejection for example). Plus I'm just anal that way. ;)

Congrats to you on getting your new kidney!! I am so excited for you. I had my transplant operation just over a year ago, thanks to my loving husband, who was a match with me!

Really, there isn't anything to worry about. All the scary risks are the risks of any major surgery...and usually, they are successful with young, healthy pple like you and me!

Funny enough, due to my own experiences, I actually was excited, relieved and happy going to the transplant operation. You can read about them in my archives at

Congrats again!!

Love the painted toe nails! ;-)

I agree with yipeeladybug. I never monitored my weight as much before transplant, but now, I weigh myself every morning to make sure that there isn't a problem. I also check my blood pressure and temperature twice a day, just to make sure everything is okay.

Congratulations on your upcoming transplant. I've been reading through your journal, and I see you've had a long journey. I hope you enjoy the next leg of your journey.

Ben - I love that you love my toenails!!

nmccart: Thank you! I'm excited!

kittyretreat: Thanks for the congrats. I guess its just the fact that I won't HAVE to weigh myself every five minutes that will be nice. No doubt I'll still be eyeing the scale at least once a day...

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