My access arm is pretty much going to be obvious most of the time - hey, I live in Florida... we don't exactly have year-round sweatshirt-wearing weather. I'm also not the type to try to hide anything that doesn't embarrass me. My fistula doesn't embarrass me, but, I've kept my arm hidden from everyone since starting dialysis because it was so massively bruised (and I wasn't ready to start explaining it, yet.) Now that the bruising has gone down, I'm back to wearing T-shirts. When I dropped my son off at school this morning before coming to work one of the teachers (from another classroom - not one of Alek's teachers... they all know what is going on) saw my arm and gasped "Oh my God! What happened to your arm? Did something happen? Did you have an accident?" She said this right in front of my son. Luckily, Alek was too busy greeting his friends and putting his lunchbox away to take note. I barely gave the teacher a passing glance and said "I started dialysis so my arm is bruised," while continuing on with Alek. I didn't stick around to see what her reaction was. I'm not sure how I feel about this, yet. I'm sure she was just showing concern, but, I wish she wouldn't have done it in such a gushy way... in front of Alek. I don't care what people think or say about me... but, its another thing if they say it in front of Alek. He doesn't need to have it brought to his attention.