Here I am!

Goodness, has it really been since the 15th of September that I've blogged here? Boy I need to change that trend and write more often!

Life has been busy - In-between all the usual stuff (parenting, traveling, blog-reading and a mishmash of general daily living) I've managed to get a few things done... around the house, but apparently not around the blog. I still need a Drupal expert to help out! Its coming down to the fact that I'm just not taking (making?) the time to learn what I need to in order to get the site back to its usual pretty self.

As far as the kidney goes - Its A-OK. I had my last LifeLink appointment until December 11th yesterday and all my labs are 100% normal. The only two things in the 'abnormal' column was the MCH (high by one point) and the MPV (low by three-tenths of a point) I suppose I should look up what those values mean?

Its strange to see that (clinically) I'm so "normal"... Sometimes I think my eyes must be tricking me or the printout must surely be wrong - but, nope! That's me - the "normal" one!

A good side note - I've met a lot of people in the last couple of weeks who's lives have recently become entangled by kidney problems. It's almost surreal how life brings us together with so many with whom we share common ground. I feel as though I've been handing out calling cards left and right (and not so much because I just got some new ones, either!) I hope my newest friends will enjoy the blog (albeit its current disorganization) and find comfort in knowing that there are others out here who understand.

I'll aim for a more interesting update by the end of the week - and, as always, suggested topics are always welcome!

Hi Krissi!
I'm sure you've discussed it somewhere at some point, but can you talk about renal failure? I'm curious to know what its like, is it painful? Did you know right away what was happening?


Hi Bell,

I have indeed discussed many aspects of renal failure in my blog, but you point out an important part of my site that is currently missing - My FAQ pages and my Blog Archive list! As you know this site is going through some upgrades and those pages haven't made it over yet.

But, I will sum it up quickly for you:

Renal failure (itself) doesn't hurt and is not painful. The treatment is not painful, although side-effects of the treatment can sometimes be painful (i.e. the needles they use, etc.) As far as knowing? I've had chronic kidney disease more than half my life so I had more than 12 years from my formal diagnosis with CKD until I reached renal failure to prepare, so yes, I knew what was happening and was very aware of it all.

Thanks Krissi, good to know! I'll tune back in to get the down and dirties when your reconstruction is done!


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