It's a bouncing baby... KIDNEY!

If you've been keeping up with my hoo-hoo posts, maybe you'll be happy to know that I've decided to move all topics relating to my hoo-hoo over to my Krississippi (dot) com blog. It seems to be a little more appropriate to spare my readers here from reading about "MyHoo-Hoo" which really has nothing to do with "MyKidney"!

In the meantime, maybe you'll enjoy this. While at the hoo-hoo doctor I got an ultrasound of my womanly parts, but I talked the ultrasound tech into taking a picture of my transplanted kidney! I'm pretty sure she thought I was nuts, (maybe because I was getting all excited about having a picture of a kidney and not so much interested in looking at hoo-hoos or babies) but I got my little picture. She didn't take the best picture, but then again I suppose she's used to looking at things that look less like kidneys are more like babies.

Here's my bouncing baby kidney. Isn't it so cute?

Its a bouncing baby... KIDNEY!

Ah its sooooo cute, I think its just waved at me!!! :o)

Hey Krissi glad to see your well and that your sites up and running again.

Keep smiling!!

Lou x

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