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Tummy Ick

I really didn't think the change in medication doses would make much of a difference in how I feel. So much for that idea...

... I've been riding non-stop waves of nausea for three days. Not fun.

LifeLink, Today

Today's LifeLink clinic + doctor appointment went well. My numbers are 'acceptable' albeit not as great as I'd like.

But the doctors seem happy enough.

Looking ahead for the rest of the week

I'm so, soo tired, today. I'm getting that achy-all-over feeling that means I'd better slow down... or else. I don't see much 'slowing down' in my immediate future, though.

I still have a lot to look forward to this week...

I took my kidney out for some retail therapy

After my hellatious weekend last week, I decided to take my kidney to the mall today for some retail therapy.

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