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Hemodialysis and Insomnia

Hemodialysis patients plagued by insomnia

Adjustments in hemodialysis, avoiding daytime naps may improve sleep.
08/06/2008 - Article Source

NEW YORK--Patients with kidney disease treated with hemodialysis have problems sleeping that can't be explained by advanced age or chronic health conditions, according to new research.

'DIY' kidney machine saves girl

A baby dying from kidney failure was saved when her doctor designed and built her a dialysis machine from scratch in his garage.

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A New Tattoo to Celebrate a New Life

I got a new tattoo, yesterday. The Chinese symbols mean 'new life' or 'to start life anew'. It really couldn't be more perfect (or in a more perfect spot on my body - right next to my kidney!)

One year... and counting!

Traveling post-transplant has been... interesting. I keep expecting there to be somewhere I'm supposed to be (dialysis) or something I'm supposed to be doing (watching my fluid intake).

The change in climate (from hot/humid to hot/desert) is interesting, too. I feel as if I'm having a really hard time keep hydrated, something I never anticipated having trouble with post-transplant. I keep reminding myself "DRINK MORE WATER!" but even that feels strange!

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