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Questions from You (via Formspring)

When Formspring launched I created an account and started answering random questions from both my virtual (and IRL) friends and anonymous strangers. After a little while I forgot about Formspring until recently when a new conversation sparked. Over the last few weeks I've received a few really good questions that resulted in blog-worthy answers. The following first of two posts sums up, in a nutshell, my general philosophy about life (and living!) with less-than-perfect kidneys.

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My Kidney in 2010

It continues to surprise and humble me that has continued to do well long after my departure from the site and sparse non-existent presence for nearly two years. To this day, I regularly receive email from kidney patients and their friends and families asking for advice and, more often than not, also expressing their concern for me and inquiring about my well-being. Thank you so much for all of your emails, Tweets, and Facebook contacts - they have not gone unnoticed.

On that note...

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Thank you - It's Good to Have You as My Friend

It means so much to me that all of you took the time to send me hugs and good wishes on Facebook, Twitter and Tokbox and in all the other ways we stay close as friends.

This is such a scary thing for me. It feels like I'm re-living the entire experience as a young teenager when I first found out I had a serious chronic illness... the only difference is that I now know EXACTLY what road lies ahead.

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A (very brief) Explanation of the Results of MyKidney Biopsy

#MyKidney biopsy results = I've physically lost 25% of healthy kidney tissue in my transplanted graft due to scarring from an as yet still unidentified cause.

The only knowns are that 1) my original kidney disease (FSGS) does not appear to be re-occurring at this time; 2) there is no evidence of acute rejection, but 3) the damage could be the result of an on-going "chronic rejection".

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