Another hoo-hoo post (and you thought this site was about kidneys)

Remember when I first got home from my transplant only to get re-admitted 10 days later due to horrific pain? Do you remember why I was in that pain? No, it didn't turn out to be a pain in my kidney, but instead, a pain in my hoo-hoo. Lucky me!

Initially I was seen by a doctor who is part of the Tampa General Hospital/USF team, just in case I needed to have something done ASAP (in June/July it would've needed to be done at TG with me admitted on the transplant floor). After my "case" was determined to be not an urgent matter, I was given the option of continuing to have the issue(s) "taken care of" in Tampa, or with my own hoo-hoo doctor closer to home. I decided to come back to my usual doctor, of course. I called 6 weeks ago to make the appointment - however, there weren't any for awhile. Meanwhile, I've been in a holding pattern waiting for my appointment date to arrive - 'awhile' has passed and tomorrow morning I'm going in to get my hoo-hoo checked out. Hopefully there will be a (quick) semi-simple solution.

Plus, while I'm there I really need to discuss my birth control options 'cause supposedly I can get preggers, now that no longer have kidney failure (although I really don't think I really can get pregnant (for other reasons) but aren't those always the famous last words?!)

Since June I've had the same continuing side effects (bleeding, abnormal 'periods' [if that's what they could be called] and bloating). Supposedly all of this is being caused by uterine fibroids. At least I don't have the pain I did originally, although the rest of the effects haven't done much help for my waning sex life. BOO.

I hate going to the hoo-hoo doctor. I'd rather have the giant needles of hemodialysis stuck in my arm just for kicks and giggles than to go THERE to do THAT with YOU KNOW WHO.

Tomorrow around 9:30 EST you can all have a laugh and think of me as I'm laying there, staring at the ceiling with my legs propped into an uncomfortable (and compromising) position. But YAY for getting on with it and getting whatever is wrong with me OVER WITH. Yay with getting past just another one of those "health hurdles" in my life. And YAY for a healthier hoo-hoo to match my new healthy kidney.

Do you sometimes think that these things ARE related somehow? How is it possible for one person to have so many issues, right? I supposedly have polyps in the lining of my "baby box" (as you put it - ha). There are so many little things that I experience, and I'm always wondering if its another symptom, or something else caused by loss of kidney function.

And I thought you were supposed to wait a year? Do you think you'll be able to conceive sooner? Geez, I'm pretty excited for you if you can, and I don't even know you! :)

Sure, it might be due to the fact that I didn't have a period for several years during kidney failure. But, then again I've never had regular periods. Neither did my mother - so as far as I know it could be as much attributed to kidney disease as it could be to genetics.

Yikes! I'm trying to conceive?! News to me!! I think my son is still the "planned only child" LOL

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