2007's Holiday Travel, Dialysis Not Included

We spend every Christmas in Flagstaff, Arizona - as far away from the heat and humidity of Florida as possible. This holiday is the first time I've traveled post-transplant and the first time in over four years that I haven't had to make travel dialysis arrangements in advance.

I keep holding my breath as if (tomorrow, the next day, or the next) I'll have to be heading off to a treatment in the middle of vacation...

... but I won't be needing that business!

As most of you know, I traveled extensively while on dialysis and accepted it as just another aspect of trip-planning. But seriously? Not needing to plan it into the schedule this year was just... awesome.

It's the strangest feeling to know I can do what I want (relax, wear jammies all day and surf the web) without the need to plan an every-other-day cancellation of fun.

Maybe this will be the year (out of the last 7) that we'll make it to the Grand Canyon (only an hour's drive away) because I'll feel good enough to go.

Oh do I know that feeling, it is like geting your freedom allover again.

You must travel as must as posible - use that freedom!

It's great you can travel without going to dialysis. I've had my kidney transplant for three months, and I can't stop telling people how "tihs time last year I had to go to dialysis" I'm so glad I don't have to now. It's such a freedom. Good luck to you.

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