Lab Confusion? Or More Problems?

I'm still not happy with my labs. Plus there seems to be a significant discrepancy between LifeLink's labs (which are processed immediately and available within an hour) and the Quest lab I've been using when I'm not there.

Quest's labs are always worse and the numbers are different (in a suspicious way) than just a week before....

For example:

2/12 LifeLink Hematocrit+Hemoglobin = 40.7 / 13.4
2/20 Quest Hematocrit+Hemoglobin = 35.5 / 12.3

Now, unless I'm bleeding internally or I was REALLY dehydrated at LifeLink (which I wasn't) the difference - in one week's time - doesn't fit. Especially since my 'crit seems to hover around 40 - 45 whenever I'm at LifeLink/Tampa General.

Another example:

2/12 LifeLink WBCs = 7.1
2/20 Quest WBCs = 5.5

Nearly TWO POINTS in one week?! I mean, I know the Myfortic will keep my WBCs lower, but we're talking post-labs only one week after the slight increase in dose. If that is an accurate count, then I'm going to be in trouble in about 3 weeks and end up with leukopenia and be back in the hospital in no time flat.

My Tacrolimus level (Prograf) is also dramatically different, but my dose of that was lowered and the serum level could change quickly... but still:

2/12 LifeLink = 8.6
2/20 Quest = 5.1

My BUN is still high (post transplant it shouldn't be higher than 18) -

2/12 LifeLink = 18
2/20 Quest = 22

My creatinine was the same from both labs (1.1 - I still want it lower, damnit!!)

Quest also checks my iron - which is low (and suspicious with the hematocrit/hemoglobin anomaly) as is my iron binding capacity (226 mcg/dl) There are also weird readings on Quest's labs for Glucose, Chloride, Carbon Dioxide, total Protein, Globulin and Alb/Glob ratio.

I dunno. Maybe I need a different outpatient lab.

When you are measuring your weight it's best to do so on the same scale. And when you are measuring blood chemicals/components, it's best to measure them at the same lab (although I realize that that is not always possible). Just keep that in mind and try not to get too freaked about the Quest labs (that Prograf level difference is quite large though)...

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