Strange pain - gone?

I've had a very weird 'sometimes' dull, deep pain in my right-side for as long as I can remember. Long before my kidney transplant and my new kidney being on that side.

Now, it seems to be gone (the pain, not my kidney...)


I wondered long ago if maybe my ovary on that side was cystic. When I was married to my ex I even had it ultra-sounded once because of the pain, around 1999. The testing found no cysts and nothing unusual - although looking back I don't know if it found anything (including the ovary itself).

Of course in the more recent testing, before my hysterectomy on January 11th, all the doctors were convinced that I most likely didn't even have an ovary on that side because it didn't show up on any scans.

So, for the last few months I've chalked up the weird dull 'sometimes' pain to something else - my gallbladder? My imagination? Regardless, it's always 'something else', I've grown too accustomed to chronic pain that I don't even bring things up, anymore.

Then during my hysterectomy they 'found' my right ovary (even though the doctor said it was quite 'buried') and removed it to prevent any future problems with the side where my kidney is.

They left in my left ovary (thankfully) even though it has always been obviously cystic.

Now I've had NO pain on my right side - none! Not even when I try to provoke it by palpitation of my kidney and the surrounding area. Nothing hurts or feels uncomfortable.

I'm hoping the dull 'sometimes' pain will stay away. Just another thing to check off my list (and one less thing to be ignoring).

Meanwhile, my LEFT ovary feels like a hard little rock, and still painful - all the way through to the skin (possible nerve damage from the surgery.)